Turkey is a land of dreams and unlimited opportunities for the tourists. This summer if you have plan to spend your holidays in Turkey, then you should enlist the name of your favorite dishes which you would like to taste there. I personally recommend you to give a try to Mahluta Soup. This flavors’ rich dish is a spectacular combination of mint, red pepper, salt and eggs.

Yummy Mahluta Soup--A Clear Reflection Of Tasty Turkish Cuisines

Self cooking lovers can prepare it at their hotels’ kitchens quite easily. The dish is so wonderful that you would definitely search for a restaurant which can offer you Mahluta Soup. Well, to be honest there is no short of such restaurants, but when it comes to follow the rule of Help Yourself, then you can go ahead as the preparation of the soup is easy and quick. So, here is the quick recipe of Mahluta Soup for those who don’t know how to prepare it but are crazy to taste this mouth watering dish.

How To Prepare?

1. Add some thin cutted onions into the oil for a few minutes until they turn brown.

2. Once you see that the onions have turned into light brown color and are now softer they caramelize them and out onto a dry paper so that all the extra oil gets absorbed into the paper.

3. Put lentils and rice into water and let the water boil. Keep in mind that the lentils should be crushed properly.

4. When you find that the lentils and rice are now properly cooked and have started giving a soft look, then add black pepper, cilantro, onion and salt into the water mixture and let it boil for 30 to 40 minutes.

5. Keep on stirring the mixture so that it is properly cooked. Meanwhile add small boneless chicken (which should already be cooked in a separate pan) into the mixture and stir again.

6. Once your soup turns into a thicker medium, add two eggs into it and stir in a way that the eggs get mixed properly.

7. When you are done with the whole process and are assured that your soup is cooked now, then you can plate it and after decorating it with small mints it is ready to serve.


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