For international students, Turkey is a place with endless education and work opportunities. If you belong to a country where there is lack of standard educational facilities and you don’t have enough money to spend on your education, then make any of Turkish universities your destination. Before submitting an application, you need to be familiar with the rules of working and volunteering in Turkey during studies.

Working and Volunteering in Turkey during Studies

Volunteering Opportunities

Yes, there are some volunteering opportunities available during studies in Turkey. These include everything from teaching to working on an organic farm. An international student needs to make sure that he follows the rules and regulations laid by the government. Sometimes it happens that negligence of the rules leads the students to suffer from losing their degrees as they are immediately sent back to their native lands.

Work Opportunities

Other than the professional fields like education and corporate sectors, finding a job in Turkey is very challenging. Many international females, during their studies, work as English school teachers or nannies and are paid reasonable amount for their efforts. For male international students, Turkey has restaurants and bars where they can work in night hours as part-time employees, getting paid on a daily or hourly basis.

Work Permit in Turkey during Studies

It is obvious that much of your focus should be on studies rather than on making money. There are rare chances that you will get work permit during your education. Once the degree is completed, check whether a potential employer is ready to help you get a work permit or not. There are numerous companies and institutions in Turkey that seek the assistance of hard working and educated individuals. Once landed at the right job, you need to request your employer to help you submitting an application of work permit. If your professional background with them has been satisfactory, then there is no reason that they will deny your request.

There are chances that locals will report the illegal workers. Job hunters can land any of the following jobs in Turkey.

  1. Nannying – it is a non-specialist job that welcomes foreign applicants. There are bright work opportunities for English, French and German speakers, and openings remain available throughout the year.
  2. Teaching English — earn descent living by working as an English teacher in Istanbul like big cities. Good jobs demand a student to hold a university degree and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate or similar.
  3. Dershane — there is no short of jobs at dershane (private schools), which will pay your handsomely and offer accommodation facilities to foreign employees. These may or may not give you work permit support. Jobs remain available from kindergarten to high school both for English and Turkish language experts.

Many employers like language schools, happily hire foreigners on an informal basis, but they are rarely ready to organize work permits because of the time and money involved in the bureaucratic process. Don’t go for such options because these are illegal and of no help. Try to get hired by an organization that is more than happy to give you work/residence permit. The ’90 days within 180 days’ regulation stipulated by tourist visas has strict rules and every newly entered international student in Turkey has to be clear with these rules so that no actions is taken against him.


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