Founded in 1926, Koç Holding has gained too much popularity among the top notch conglomerate industries in Turkey. Due to its immense popularity around the globe and high scale of earnings, the company’s employees and management are said to be among the wealthiest people of Turkey. Being a part of this company is itself an honor for any person. Being selected at Koç Holding is not so easy as the company’ human resource experts take very serious measures for selecting only the best candidates for becoming the part of their big Koç Family.

Service Features Which Make Koç Holding Top Scaled Company For You To Do Work With:

The company is currently targeting the various global markets in the following fields.

1. Automotives

2. Durable Goods

3.  Eatables

4. Internet Banking & Financial Services

5. Liquid Energy

6. Tourism Department

7. Construction Business

8. Information Technology

What Makes Koç Holding A Popular Industrial Conglomerate Of Turkey?


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