Atilim University is one of the best private-sector universities of Turkey. It was founded in 1997, and is located in Ankara. The specialty of this university is that most of the courses are offered in English language.

Atilim University

Profile & History of Atilim University

The Atilim University was founded on 15 July 1997 by Atılım Foundatıon, which was itself established in 1996. The purpose of this university is to serve the students, providing them top class educational facilities at cheap tuition fees. The university is spread in an area of 250 acres in İncek, Gölbaşı, a developed residential area of Ankara, about twenty km from the City Centre and seven km from the motorway. The campus of the university is purpose-built, having labs, conference halls, basketball and volleyball fields, a gymnasium, tennis courts, condition halls, a swimming pool, cafeterias, restaurants, spacious classrooms, and other facilities.

This university has always supported not only the domestic students but also international students. It often organizes social and recreational trips, panels, conferences, competitions, and cultural shows to boost the hidden capabilities of the students.

Sister Universities of Atilim University

The sister universities of Atilim University are University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, and over thirty universities across Germany, UK, Greece, France, Romania, Spain, America, Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy. All of these universities collaborate with each other under the scope of Erasmus program.

Faculties and Departments of Atilim University

The faculties and departments of Atilim University are:

Faculty of Engineering

    • Department of Automotive Engineering
    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
    • Department of Computer Engineering
    • Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    • Department of Energy Systems Engineering
    • Department of Industrial Engineering
    • Department of Information Systems Engineering
    • Department of Information Systems Engineering UOLP
    • Department of Mechatronics Engineering
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
    • Department of Materials Engineering
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Department of Software Engineering

Faculty of Management

    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Economics in Turkish Medium
    • Department of International Relations
    • Department of International Logistics And Transportation
    • Department of Management
    • Department of Management in Turkish Medium
    • Department of Public Relations and Advertising
    • Department of Political Science and Public Administration in Turkish Medium
    • Department of Tourism Management

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

    • Department of Graphic Design
    • Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
    • Department of Fashion & Textile Design
    • Department of Industrial Product Design
    • Department of Architecture

Faculty of Arts & Sciences

    • Department of Mathematics
    • Department of English Language and Literature
    • Department of Translation and Interpretation
    • Department of Psychology

Faculty of Law

  • Graduate School of Natural & Applied Sciences
  • Graduate School of Social Sciences

Facilities for International Students

Now only the students from Turkey, but also international students are equipped with high-class educational facilities. Some the research and application centers for research/doctorate students are AWAC, EDM, ETPO, KASAUM, MFCE, UTAM, and others.

The university has a library that was opened in March 1998. It has thousands of books, journals, and research materials, as well as computers to fulfill your educational requirements in a better way. This university facilitates the students with variety of merit and need-based scholarships.


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