With the so many variations in its cultures and traditions, Turkey has always attracted the attention of worldwide people. It is not only promising for the adults but also encourages the children to get involved and enjoy some time.

Culture of Turkey for Kids

Vibrating Culture of Turkey for Kids

There are a lot of things Turkish culture offer to the kids. Below is given an overview!

Culture of Food for Kids

For centuries, Turkish cuisines and meals have been loved because of being too tasty and yummy. Here there are countless flavorful dishes are prepared for the children, all of which have been added with a variety of spices. True that our kids love something too cheesy and spicy, and this is why, the taste-makers come up with lots of flavors and yum. For example, in Anatolia, beans are cooked for kids, while corn based dishes are served in the Black Sea Region. Ekmek (bread), Chai (Black Tea) and Sofra Adabi (Eating Manners) are some of the traditional Turkish cuisines, served in almost every part of the country.

Culture of Turkey for Kids

Culture of Clothes for Kids

Like many developed countries, Turks wear modern style casual dresses, most of which look like western dresses. Turkish clothes for men, women, and children are made of cotton, silk and wool, depending on the area and climatic changes. You can often see little ones walking on the roads in fashion-oriented jeans with shirts or t-shirts. But there are some local costumes, decorated with silk sashes, rubies and other such things that are worn the times of festivals and local celebrations.

Culture of Turkey for Kids

Famous Stories for Kids

In Turkey, there are various folk tales, epic stories, and poems to entertain the children. Some of the most important characters known to everyone here are Koroglu, Dede Korkut, Karagoz & Hacivat and Nasreddin Hoca, each of which has a different story associated. It is always exciting for the children to hear those stories from their elders, or read them in the forms of novels and books. This is a perfect way to make the kids aware with the historical values of Turkey.

Communication Culture in Turkey

If you are coming to Turkey, it is going to be very tough to describe verbal and nonverbal communication of its culture. There are some very unique and prominent communication styles everyone should be aware of. In the beginning, both adults and children can use polite language. Some of the commonly used words here are “siz” (you), “agbi” (older brother), “abla” (older sister), “bey” (Mr.), and many others. You need to learn complete Turkish language to be familiar with the type of words used here.

Culture of Turkey for Kids

Famous Places of Children’s Interest in Turkey

Turkey, being a big and developed country, has no short of famous places. Here you can see a lot of things. For children, the following places are of great interest:

  1. Topkapi Palace
  2. Blue Mosque
  3. Hagia Sophia
  4. Sunken Cistern
  5. Dolmabahce Palace
  6. Ephesus Antic City
  7. Pamukkale
  8. Cappadocia
  9. Trojan Horse

Turkish people are emotional in nature. They love their families and know well how to take care of each and every member. Unlike the western world, Turks love to enjoy time with relatives and friends. They don’t like to live in isolation, and are social-natured people, but everyone obviously has his own lifestyle and tastes. Turkey is a land with hospitable individuals.


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