Uzungol Turkey’s city of Trabzon in the eastern Black Sea region, Çaykara the drink due to a turizim beldesi.trabzon 99 miles Rize, 71 km mesafede.belde airline transport Trabzondak to come to Trabzon air through the port of karşılanıyor.bölge land is passion’s in every region Rizey from Trabzon to bus terminals or bus service available.We you come to any of the city in the summer of mümkün.özellikl Uzungöl’e arrive by public transport from the city with the movement of tourism is increasing transportation options.

The most important cause of so much interest shown in this area is the focus of attention of domestic and foreign tourists, away from city life with amazing natural beauty, the longing for nature, a place olması.b as well as the stunning natural beauty of nature’s feel the real sense of peace, to human beings, paragliding, fishing balıkçlıg, Nature walk, like many amenities field of Uzungol in can be done is olması.bölge the limelight that sebeplerden.ayn time in the region in the restaurant, which serves to provide guests from local flavors of the region with the development of turizim clear the area in mevcut.uzungöl and cold waters grow trout, corn and grew up in the area again trabzon famous crimping made using treyag and a lot more should leave without tasting the local delicacies Uzungol.

The oldest name on documents light “Saraho” The first records of this region belongs to 1586. According to records, the first permanent settlement in the area goes back to the years after 1650. The region also has remained for many years, depending on the District Of Trabzon’n with the establishment of the Republic, the district Çaykara’da that since 1948 the whole area is located in this district.

Uzungöl’ün are no written documents remaining from that period about which occurs as a result of natural events. But when geological changes and the settlement movement over time in the region studied, Uzungöl’ün a deep valley where anlaşılıyor.uzungöl the while becoming lake today garast is Uzungöl overlooking the east side of the plateau slope of the front of the faceplate of the explorations of the creek with the coming down flow in a landslide result is thought to occur.

Uzungol historical structure, in terms of culture and geographical features has been a region which contains a lot of wealth. The world’s most important Black Sea and Caspian Sea with biodiversity in the Caucasus Ecoregion Uzungöl, unique forest is home to the highest mountain and river ecosystems.

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