Roman Empire and later the Byzantine Empire during the reign of the city’s hippodrome meeting, entertainment, had maintained its importance until the 10th century as the excitement and fitness center. Besides car racing, community musicians, belly dancers, acrobats, shows a fight with wild animals, meetings were held. For all these activities and there was plenty of holidays in the Roman era. The uprising against the Byzantine period, the Hippodrome was the center of the state. İustianus Nika revolt that took place in the reign of one of them and is still suppressed by the commander Belisarios rebels kill up to 30,000 of the pinch here. Then from 1185 to Emperor lynching of Andronikos Komnenos has been here.  to the racetrack on the eastern long side in the form of letters Giant extent a, located at 4 bronze roof, shaped balcony was located emperor lodge. Middle, dividing the racetrack sand covered area, a low wall around the race car, the wall of the monument were brought from various locations in the Empire and was located on the famous statues of horses horse racers. Every kind imaginable renowned race car driver was floating in a financial opportunities. Racers green-blue-yellow-political forces were also divided into teams that like red. From time to time the policy is mixed race, he could return to the horrible massacre of mutual power struggle. Racecourse ground has come up with 4-5 meters up today and was able to stay 3 monument.

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