Şirince village of ancient sources “Ephesus on the Mountain” known as shows that has a long history of this village. Will determine the output stage of the settlement date, but not a definite hint of Ephesus Kusadasi port of the dispersed city (Scala Nova)

sirince3 Sirince Village turkey

have come to the mountain is dominated by a small group of removals opinion. These people are the result of the difficult living conditions in the region due to the silt brought by the Meander River and floods in the mountains, leaving the plains must have opted to settle.



The oldest known structure in Sirince, from the Hellenistic period. Most likely, this structure is actually a tower belonging to the establishment of the city of Ephesus Lysimakhos age. Klaseas Valley in strategic locations within the early warning system to be considered as part of Ephesus. Structure, modified Byzantine period. Today it is known as a monastery in the region.

A peach in the garden and on the village Georgios (George) on behalf of common terracotta bread stamp indicating the presence of community life in the Byzantine era in the region.


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