When you give the appointment to someone in Izmir “Sevinc in front of” the infidels you … that’s the bakery opened in 1957 and especially in nice weather almost impossible to find a place for the weekend. Earlier in the day, the breakfast starts here. Breakfast joy in both presentation and taste very successful.

If the cheese is at best, to eat the most fresh cucumbers and tomatoes already impossible. After breakfast all day menu with sandwiches, salads and pancakes are also included. I would recommend this season, especially if you eat the artichoke heart. Great … Also pancakes are also very tasty.

Pastry joy of real fame in the cake. All pie are doing very well and they are experts in this particular subject, but one of them comes forward now: Pavlova

I can easily say this is the best cake ever replace the joy that. Unforgettable and exquisite taste with plenty of material for Pavlova dessert cream lovers …

But other age Pavlova favorite chocolate cake, especially great ones. Here’s the şöbiyet Stick dairy desserts or cakes, but my skin ages. When done well, but badly made, grind cheer palates here is very tasty puff pastry. I also taste of ice cream on the mediocre ..

Sevinc+Pastanesi+Alsancak+Izmir Photo-2--mkaya_36 Sevinç-Pastanesi-Alsancak




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