Mimar Sinan and his 80-year-old “my masterpiece,” said the monumental structure of ownership of Turkish-Ottoman art and the history of world architecture yapıtlarındandır.yap head Sultan Selim Foundation. Edirne-Central is a new neighborhood.
Edirne Selimiye Mosque and the mosque is the symbol of the Ottoman Empire, the city’s center, formerly known as Sarıbayır and Poplar Square . Previously called Bayezid book a palace. 1569-1575’t ıı.selim Sultan’s orders yaptırılmıştır.çok conspicuous from afar with its four minarets structure, the selection of the location of the establishment, but also shows the master architect Sinan is a city planning expert. Cut stone built mosque interior with 1,620 m2, completely covers an area of ​​2,475 m2. As the structure established in the largest space in the architectural history of Selimiye Mosque, the ground clearance of 43.28 m. which, 31.30. çeker.ayasofya’nın interest is greater than the diameter dome dome, 6 m. connected with wide belt sits in 8 major pillars. In the four corners, supports a half-dome over the central dome of the mihrab.
Selimiye Mosque Construction of 32 small windows in the dome is lit on top of the 6 sequences of the many faces window. 8 resisting created by Mimar Sinan, the most successful example of the mosque plan.
There are 18 domes and front porches surrounded by 16 columns. Middle, there is an elegant marble fountain. Last Congregation place, 5 dome on thick round 6 column. Of the inlaid marble fluted dome over the entrance door, others are flat. Mosque 3.80 m. a diameter of 70.89 m. three balconies in height has four graceful minarets. Log in terms of those cheers to one way, the other two are exiting the three cheers to separate way.
Mosque architecture besides the stone, marble, tile, wood is also extremely important with decorative features such as psoriasis. Masterpieces of craftsmanship marble altar and the pulpit.

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