Şehriban water forming slopes on both sides of the canyon, up to dance, head and feet close together, even in some areas of her breasts are like people touching each other well. Corridor, flows through the wall around a thousand meters in height along the five kilometers

‘Come they Munder losing ground rock forming the flat bottom has a depression area in front of the low. Water passes through an eddy where the front of the creeks sank up to ten meters of manpower could not resist blocking under the rock block. Here is what we have been exceeding that point

Şehriban Stream, Globe Mountains in the middle of one of the rivers that opens the second largest torn. The tea is a groundbreaking seventy kilometers as the crow flies, the even flow during the summer months thanks to the abundant rainy climate of the Black Sea is quite high. Tea planting in the east of the hill (1471 m.), A long time after receiving the resource flows westward. Parallel from the stream flowing Devrekani, including the hinge Peak (1345 m) and Zıml separates the hill. However, tea, Şenpazarı then makes a sharp turn to the north passing ten kilometers and at this point Devrekani Brook (Kocaçay) is as close as eight kilometers.

Şehriban Canyon, enters the corridor from the foot of the raucous neighborhood of Mountain Peoples’ Village. Küplüş right side of the Peak (1048 m.), The left side of Saboğl is the Rock (1024 m.). Approximately five kilometers along the corridor runs through the height of thousand meters near the wall.

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