Alongside Halil Rahman Lake in the center of Sanliurfa, the most important of the Greek culture remains of the ancient city of Edessa remaining squatters are very colorful and mosaic in the garden under a üslûpla made master of Aleppo. Edessa city is waiting archaeological research. Greek empire mosaic tradition, BC 132-M. S. The Osrhoene kingdom reigned between 244 years and continued during a local style.

In this ancient city within the boundaries of Aleppo Garden, in the excavations made in 2007, 3000 years before the Aegean today, the culture basin extends into the interior of the Black Sea and Anatolia, the hunting scenes of women fighting against male domination found mosaics.

Aleppo in the Mosaic Garden “Warrior Mosaic of Illustrated World’s First Example of the Amazon Queen” what was observed. Experts of Aleppo Garden Mosaic mosaic technique, due to the art of making the river Euphrates and 4 mm2 in size and specifications as the original stones, describe as the world’s most precious mosaics.

The Aleppo Governorate Garden Şanlıurfa Şanlıurfa Museum under the auspices of the President of the possibilities and our archaeologists is raised to 100 m2 mosaic daylight in the first place. If done scanning the entire area to be discovered and perhaps other mosaics will be exhibited to take place under the protection of finds. Hunting scenes in the mosaic of the edge borders, geometric patterns, plant designs, pigeon, wingless Eros, squirrel, duck, tiger, partridge, deer and greyhound figures are given place.

The results of the excavations carried out in different mosaics Haleplibahçe has also emerged. Among them one of the most important heroes of the Trojan War, Achilles from (Achilles) d. Achilles’s life story on the subject of the mosaics in the field, was uncovered by archaeologists Şanlıurfa Museum.

Unearthed in the excavations of the area and caused a heated bath where dating to the Roman period reveals that a significant settlement.

Halil-ur Rahman Mosque
Mosque Halil-ur Rahman Lake (Concerning) is located right next to it. Selahattin was built in Eyyubi’nin nephew Ashraf El Melik’ül Muzafferuddin Moses by the 1211-1212 year. Mosque as the “trim Mosque” or “Authority Mosque” is called t. Ruined mosque, which is the case, it has lost its Ayyubid architecture largely made in 1810 after extensive repairs. Travels of Evliya Çelebi, the Tekke mosque is mentioned as Ibrahim Khalil.
Sultan Hasan Mosque
Near Balikligol is located in Akarbasi position. The exact date of construction is dated to the second half of the Mosque of Sultan Hasan 15.yy’n unknown. It was built by Haji Yaqoob Sheikh Abdurrahman son. In the records of 1927, it is stated that it was built on behalf of Aqquyunlu ruler Uzun Hasan. Also the name of the mosque is said to bear the name Uzun Hasan.

Mosque in 1796, 1874 and 1968; The minaret was restored in 1859 by Halil Bey. Water from Halil Rahman Lake passes through the mosque’s courtyard.

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