Çeşme is one of the most beautiful and remarkable coastal towns of Turkey. It is the administrative center of the Izmir Region, present in westernmost end of Turkey, on a promontory on the tip of the peninsula which is famous along-with the wider Karaburun Peninsula. It would not be wrong to say that Cesme is a top notch and marvelous tourist attraction. This holiday resort and district center is visited by thousands of people every month, and it has two thirds of the district’s population.

Visit Cesme in the Izmir Region

Location of Cesme

Çeşme is located 85 km west of İzmir, which is one of the largest metropolitan areas of Turkey’s Aegean Region. A six-lane highway connects both of the cities (Otoyol 32). Çeşme district is having two neighboring districts: Karaburun in the north side, and Urla in the east side. Both of these districts are a part of Izmir Province as well.

Cesme name means “fountain”, and it is possibly given to this area considering the fact that Ottoman fountains are present all around the city.

Reasons to visit Cesme

The town of Cesme is an amazing postcard tourist destination having numerous historical landmarks, modern lifestyle, fantastic entries, seaside, and various other attractions. It has the Cesme Kalesi (Castle), built in the 16th century that used to serve as a fortress against pirates for taking advantage of the Aegean Sea to invade Turkey.

The Cesme Kalesi serves as a top notch museum, giving the tourists striking panoramic views of the sea. Consider visiting the downtown Cesme to view it well-preserved structures of ancient times, dating back from 19th century.


In classical antiquity, Cesme used to call Kysos (Κύσος) under the Greeks, and Kysus under the Roman. Kysos is a name that has association with the Homer of the times of the king Rhesus of Thrace. According to Turkish sources, the region was given a Persian name due to its existence in the first settlement 2 km south of the present-day center (Çeşmeköy) which was established by Tzachas. The name of Cesme, thus, has its great historical value. In Persia its meaning is fountain, and this is what draws the attention of many tourists towards it as they consider it to be a place with numerous fountains, and to some extent it do has so many fountains that add value to the city’s overall beauty.

Districts of Çeşme

The most famous and main districts of Cesme are Alaçatı, Ilıca, Paşalimanı, Şifne, Ardıç, Boyalık, Dalyan, Ovacık, Ildır, and Germiyan.

The Region

A prized location of Turkey, Cesme is the home to well-to-do inhabitants of İzmir who are residing here for over a century. Cesme has no short of attractions, this has long played its role in the establishment and development of the tourism industry of Turkey. Here there are many hotels, marinas, nightclubs, restaurants, and shopping centers, as well as family accommodation points—which all together make it a perfect place for resistance.

Being surrounded by beautiful towns and villages, and for having marvelous beaches, Cesme is always chosen as a top notch attraction. The district has its own municipal administration, Alaçatı, where the tourists also like to come. Ildırı is present on the coast towards the north, which is famous for ancient Erythrae, Germiyan, Karaköy, and Ovacık.

Cesme is where the agricultural and farming industries are well established. So, these have been all the reasons you must visit this beautiful Turkish place.


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