Every day of the year that may be turning Lamb (pole Kebab) is a dish made difficult. Depending on the season are made from lamb or kid. Starting with the lamb in February-March will continue until August. Since August is usually made from goat. Part of the day to do lamb or kid’s translator must do. Most now need to be put in front of the fire in two hours. Pitch pine wood is used for cooking. Slaughtered lamb or kid tree is passed to the pole. The front legs are inserted under the seat cut out by putting coarse salt into the hind legs after connecting you pour salt water in the tree she planted in the trash. Half an hour after landing in January lubricated with oil inside the meat inside the animal. January is accelerated after an hour or so slow burning. The average cooking time is 3 hours.
Fired after 15 minutes. Get a pan of salted water before abdomen slit. And provision of salt is poured over the meat. So eating salad salt optionally alongside the konulmaz.yerk, yogurt or buttermilk drink consumed. Flowing oil from the meat strips name is also given. Deposited into the pan by adding the strips desire to consume food or bread. Dining to see quite popular because it largely gave flavor.

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