If you plan to visit Turkey this summer, then I would suggest you to book your accommodation in advance as this beautiful country gets crowded by the tourists every summer. But if you are already staying here to spend your summer holidays then I must suggest you to taste Menemen.

Menemen  is a perfect blend of eggs, onion, tomato and green pepper. It is a traditional Turkish dish. The local people love to have it in breakfast, this is why menemen is also called as a Breakfast Dish. But it does not mean that you cannot have it in the other hours of the day. In fact this dish would not cost you much so you can prepare and enjoy this delicious dish even if your budget does not allow you to purchase expensive ingredients.
Menemen--A Flavored Rich Traditional Turkish Dish
Planning to go outside for a trip with your family? Then do bring menemen with you as I am sure this dish you enhance your trip’s enjoyable moments. The dish can be prepared in a number of ways and the ingredients included in it make it an ideal and one of the most favorite meals of both the local people and the tourists. Menemen is cooked with sunflower oil / olive oil. But I would personally recommend you to cook it in olive oil because I have had been preparing it in olive oil and i have experienced that it is a much better option. This dish is very much similar to shakshouka but the only thing which makes these two dishes dissimilar is the scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are used in menemen but not in shakshouka. Still I would say that both of these dishes have their own mouth watering tastes.

How To Prepare?

Preparation of the dish takes only a few minutes of yours. You just need to follow the following steps and your dish would be ready in ten to fifteen minutes maximum.

1. First of all sauteed the onions with heated olive oil or sunflower oil.

2. Once you find that the onions have become softer and light brown colored, then add tomatoes and green pepper into it.

3. Let the mixture be heated until you find that the tomatoes have become very soft.

4. The final step would be completed when you add the eggs and other spices such as salts, red pepper and black pepper into your dish.

5. Once all the ingredients are fully cooked (making sure that the eggs are neither fully cooked nor too dry), plate your hot dish and enjoy it with rice or bread in the company of your loved ones.


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