Central district of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean region within the borders: Nature Park, 22 km from Antalya. away. Antalya Aksu road to the park is reached by a road 7km Soğucaksu allocated to the northern direction from the bridge.

Healthy forest texture and rich plant communities is an example of the interesting water and rock is a unique natural landscape features that integrate with forms and important feature of forming due to have leaded Falls 394 hectares is allocated to the Natural Park in 1991.

The area is dominated by ponderosa places my singly or in small groups of eastern plane, laurel, carob, wild olive, mastic tree, willow and fig trees. Myrtle, hawthorn, oleander, blackberry, wild rose, spurge, tamarisk, spruce, kermes oak, thyme, wild mint, recording, ferns and ivy, constitute flora. If the water plant (above water), buckthorn, water mint, cane (domestic water) water chandeliers, stranded yeşilalg are (floating plants) you can see water lilies.

Wild boar, fox, rabbit, squirrel, bat, hoopoe, woodpeckers, turtle dove, carp, water turtles, dogs, snakes and lizards form the fauna of the Natural Park.

Existing Services and Housing: The best time to visit the park is between April and December. Daily picnics, nature walks are among the activities that make the visitors. Natural Park in the dining facility will meet the needs of the visitors.

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