Kadir Has University (commonly referred to as KHU), was established in 1997. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a private sector university that offers top notch and world-class degree programs in the fields of engineering, sciences, humanities, economics, communication, law, fine arts, and cultural fields. The university aims to be the center of research and scientific development. Its rector is Prof. Mustafa Aydın.

Kadir Has University

History of Kadir Has University

The Kadir Has University was founded by the Kadir Has Charity Foundation, and its establishment was done by the late industrialist and philanthropist Kadir Has.

Its central campus is situated at Cibali Istanbul, on the Golden Horn. Previously, the building was of a tobacco factory, and was being ysed by TEKEL for around 70 years. Later on, because of the lack of maintenance, it was eventually abandoned. It is not too old university of Turkey, still has been able to maintain its glory. The university remained in restored condition for several years, and finally was opened in 30 December 2002. The building has over 35.000m2 of indoor space plus grounds.

Awards won by Kadir Has University

In 2003, Kadir Has University had won the Europa Nostra Award for having beautiful and attractive building in a historical site. It has gained tremendous success over the years. In order to expand the project, Kadir Has Charity Foundation bought the C block of the building from TEKEL also and began restoring this block which was planned to be finished by November 2006.

Kadir Has University has been one of the sponsors and award-winning institutions of Europe. Some of its prominent achievements have been:

  • A promising scientist award was given to this university’s Dr. Ataman Şendöl in 2011 from the University of Zurich’s Institute of Molecular Life Sciences.
  • It also got an achievement award, which was awarded to Professor Erdal Arıkan by Bilkent University, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering for writing a paper on the Shannon limit.

Facilities for International Students

Kadir Has University is known to provide numerous facilities to its domestic and international students. It welcomes applications from thousands of candidates every year for a range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. Thanks to the well-versed and experienced faculty to make it possible that the Kadir Has University is fulfilling its aim to be dominant across the country.

Without any doubt, Kadir Has University took very little time to achieve huge success, and is the only private sector university of Turkey to offer a wide range of degree programs, vocational courses, and technical diplomas at reasonable tuition fees.

The university has a range of scholarships for the needy and excellent students. Moreover, its primary medium of instruction is English, however, the local students can apply for the courses that are offered in Turkish language. If you have been fluent in Turkish language, then you can also apply for any of the linguistic programs even being an international student.

Kadir Has University has also provided top notch hostel facilities to both male and female students. It focuses on making everything available to the students that is needed to help them complete the degrees efficiently.


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