The Kemeralti, is revealed by the presence of a fortress built to defend the harbor entrance. Located at the mouth of the harbor and built by the Byzantines in the 12th century Izmir Port Castle, ensuring internal port security was important in terms of creating lock both the city defense. The castle was referred to by different names, foreign sources, ‘Neon Kastro’ or ‘Genoese Castle’ is called, after being captured by the Christian community ‘Castrum Smyrna I’ referred to. This locality, St. Transferred to St. Jean Knight Petros is starting to be recognized by the castle and takes place in different sources with Le Chat or Hafen names Kastelli in subsequent periods.

Historical Kemeralti Bazaar

The 16th century Ottoman sources first “Kala-Izmir-i-Jadid” (New Izmir Castle) as we face the castle, after the ‘Arrow Castle’, ‘Harbour Castle’, ‘Castle’ and ‘Onion Castle’ as taking names .

Both the castle, but more heeded the inner harbor as required, determine the characteristics of the arcades can be said. For example, the Kemeralti Bazaar occurs arced, is seen as evidence of a settlement in the Roman era shaped according to the inner harbor wharf.


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