Ertugrul Gazi Tomb: Willow is located just outside the 13th century tomb was built by Osman Bey. First, clearly built tombs have been translated into Mehmet Celebi shrine period. Ertugrul Gazi Tomb undergoing repairs several times until today has been built with the current version of the 2 Abdulhamid repair.

Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque: Built in 1420 completed a six year period the mosque was built by Sultan Mehmet Celebi. Cami rectangle has a structure known as Church Bazaar. There are 3 inputs and one has a total of 12 domes to be great. Church located in the center of Söğüt.

Hamidiye Mosque: Twin Minaret Mosque was built this mosque, also known as 2 Abdülhamit. The mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings in the district is especially striking architecture of the minaret.

Hamidiye İdadisi Hamidiye Situated directly opposite the Mosque, the mosque was built with this structure again by 2 Abdulhamid. The two-storey stone building.

Governor Fountain: four sides covered with tiles during this fountain was built by Sultan Rashad district governor Said Bey. Is located in the center Söğüt.

Orphans Dormitory (Dar’ul Orphan): Rashad Sultan was built by the same period as governor Governor Fountain Said Bey. Two storey stone was built in addition to the orphanage Hamidiye İdadisi the building.

Kuyulu Masjid: Make space in the garden of the name is thought that the well built Ertugrul Gazi time. To date the history of the mosque is a small place of worship repeatedly repair.

Willow Ethnographic Museum: The museum opened in 1990, is on display archaeological artifacts found around with Söğüt and ethnographic artifacts.

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