Kabatepe you have to Imbros from leaving the harbor that you’d go that far, one of the typical Aegean islands uninhabited at the moment and welcomes you with treeless Lamb Harbour view. After you get off the ferry about 7km you arrive at the center of the island. The island’s center and Greek villages on the island, past years in the interior areas konumlandırılmış.terk been Greek villages of the nobility due to hacker attacks and untouched bays as the stories that you tell, numerous picnic area, offers for hiking and photography enthusiasts Gökçeada with excellent conditions, gezildik by Lamb Port moment you first get your mind consists of thoughts Salt Lake located on the migration route of siliyor.kuş, each year hosts the photography enthusiasts in this period. In addition, almost 12 months a year in recent years to cut the wind and bays suitable for water sports in this area attracted the attention of European island all year round especially hosts the Bulgarian and Greek tourists. Scuba diving in Kefaloz and Aydıncık beach, you can take wind and kite surfing training. Scratching, Lucky, Şirinköy, Almond, New Almond, Kaleköy Dereköy and rotating biological contactor having Imbros village to the hostel during the summer period, in apartments and hotel accommodations can be made. You can enjoy fine dining with his wife at the center of the house, olive oil and the wine produced on the island you can reach the island rich products as organic products.

To tell the candidate, not as easy as those written travel and live, of course. Clean air, excellent nature, şırıl şırıl flowing waterfalls, clean water resources, virgin coves and absolutely Greek to be seen with you the possibility of providing an excellent holiday village Imbros absolute must see and must explore.

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