Turkey is one of the most beautiful and amazing countries in the world. This is where east meets with the west, and with that in mind I am glad to say that Turkey has gifted the world with a wide range and diversity of cultures, traditions, and historical values.

Traditional Turkish Dance Forms

The Turkey dance is one of the most important parts of the country’s entertainment. The Caddo people love to do different forms of dances, considering that they are a way to keep them close with the hidden cultural traditions of the country. Some of the Caddo events that date back from ancient times are enjoyed in this appealing country.

Here we have described a little about traditional Turkish dance forms so that you can get some useful information.


Anatolia is just like a marbling trough. Thousands of years ago, this special dance was performed in different civilizations. The dance is accompanied with beautiful costumes, sound, wonderful rhythms, and colorful themes to give a lively look to Anatolia. This unique rhetoric depicts the stories about central Asian shamans, ancient Anatolian heroes, Islamic traditions and westernization in its distinctive ways. Some of the best Anatolia dance forms are karşılama, hora, and salma – which are all famous in Turkey.

Trakya Dance

Trakya dance is performed using two drums and two pipes, and it is very nice.

Zigoş Dance

Zigoş is one of the most popular dance forms of Turkey. It involves six couples who stand in two rows. They begin the dance with slow and soft movements, and become violent after a few minutes, followed by crouching movements. This dance also involves some unique sideways steps and embracing gestures.

Zeybek Dance

Zeybek is a well known dance form in Turkey. It is famous among the people of western parts of the country, those who are present specifically on the Aerean Coast. Only one person can do this dance. The specialty of this dance form is that it involves some distinctive solo movements that are performed in the heroic style. In the form of group, this dance includes the persons who are able to move and bend their bodies as per the rhythm. They are to bend their legs, holding arms of each others. It is a dance of solemn, heroic style. The participants of this dance are called zaybek or efe. They wear short embroidered trousers.

Bengi Dance

Bengi is yet another wonderful and famous Turkey’s traditional dance. It is a group dance that represents unity and solidarity like zeybek.

Halay Dance

Halay is one of the most widespread and famous dance forms of Turkey. It is mainly performed in villages. Almost all the villages and small towns, associated with the Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia and the South have events where this dance is performed on the special tunes. It involves the dancers who organize themselves in a line or semi-circle form. They hold the hands and shoulders of each other, making a group. One of the dancers acts like the group leader. He is responsible to regulate the steps and directions of the group members so that the dance is performed perfectly. This dance includes both men and women.

Traditional Turkish Dance Forms

Apart from the above, some other dance forms of Turkey are Horon (performed in Northern Turkey on the Black Sea Coast), Kaşık Oyunu (also called Spoon Dance), and others.


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