Would you like to come to Turkey to spend the holidays? If yes, then the relaxing and welcoming environment of this beautiful country is surely going to be loved. Turkey is a country famous among food lovers. It is one of the three pre-eminent cuisines serving states alongside France and China.

Food and Drink in Turkey

Flavorful Meals in Turkey

In Turkey, the food is prepared with simple yet energetic and fresh ingredients that bring out the richness of their flavors and will never let you down in terms of delightfulness. The range of enormous cuisines in Turkey is a blend of traditional as well as international recipes.

Food and Drink in Turkey

Turkish Olives

It is a trend to prepare every Turkish food with fresh olive oil. The addition of seasonal herbs and spices like oregano, marjoram, and thyme is a good way to prepare many of the dishes here. Turkey has been a land to produce variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, and is surrounded by seas on all of its sides.

Alcoholic and non-Alcoholic Drinks

The alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including light Turkish beer, red wines, ‘raki’ (a potent anisette), lemon juice, lion’s milk, and others are a great way to enjoy time. Almost all local bars and nightclubs serve great tasting wines to the guests. “Efes” and “Tuborg” are amongst the most common local beers. Lady and Donkey in Turkey got popularity in ancient Greek times due to its quality of grapes which were used in wines sold in the local markets.

Food and Drink in Turkey

Juices and Water

There are various fruit juices ‘meyve suyu’ on offer. Throughout the year, you can get entertained with orange juices, lemon juice, shakes, and other tasty drinks. Ask for “sise suyu” (bottled water) and you will be served with fresh water.

Enjoy Turkish Cuisines and Drinks

Turkey is a great place where you are served with delicious cuisines and drinks. Trust me, there is going to be no short of amazing meals in this beautiful land. Usually the local residents know well where to go, and if you are an international tourist, then you have two options to get served with something tasty:

  1. Either you should enjoy time at the restaurant of your hotel where feel free to ask something nice to be served.
  2. Or if you don’t have the mood to stay in your hotel and want to step out, it is better to ask the cap to bring you where delicious cuisines are served. Surely you will come across a lot of options. Here you can do one more thing. Search the internet for the nearby restaurants or coffee shops so that your search of a good food point is made easier.

Local Specialties

It is recommended to try cool glass of yogurt whipped with water or milk. This is one of the most refreshing and energetic drinks. It is locally called as “ayran” (pronounced ‘I ran). A cup of hot coffee and tea in the cold climate of Turkey is also an incredible idea. Over the years, the growth of coffee beans and tea leaves has given rise to small and big coffee houses in Turkey. Drink as much coffee as you want, but you should avoid the sludge at the bottom.


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