Located in İzmir restaurants, a lot of magazines and newspapers to cover and was thus also making itself more effective; It has left a great impact on people enjoying the taste. Especially fishermen and midyeci stalls opened at important points in this respect by becoming famous around the shops or those Izmir; the people living here were faced with intense interest.

Veli Usta first point you need to go in Izmir. This venue hosted a reputation as cooking with fish and intensive customer every day; the opportunities it offers customers with almost conquers flavor.

Be sure to stop by here after Ismet Usta Soup. Check the cord in again, this is a very alternative venue succeeded in acquiring a place outside the soup; It comes to your face with a varied menu.

After this stage, the brothers who must undergo a cord in mobile form by sales of mussels; Please enjoy this famous product. In the later days of the departure from Izmir to go to the basil Bakery.

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