When it comes to choose an ideal institution for higher studies in Europe, the name of Turkish universities strike our mind. Turkey is a beautiful and developed country that connects east with west in an efficient manner. Although there is no short of universities in Turkey, but Fatih University has made its distinctive place.

Fatih University of Turkey

Fatih University is a private university having its branches spread across Büyükçekmece, and European Side, Istanbul, Turkey. Like other universities and colleges of Turkey, Fatih University operates as per the rules and regulations of the Higher Education Council, and is known to get its students via Student Selection and Placement Center (SSPC), a governmental institution that holds countrywide compulsory exam for entrance to universities.

The university has employed highly experienced and well-educated individuals from more than 30 countries worldwide. They focus on academic diversity, and this is the reason this university has one of the highest number of international students, most of which come from 100 countries. It has made Fatih University hold a distinctive position among all the Turkish institutions of international level.

Fees and Expenses at Fatih University

Unlike many other universities of private sector, the fees and accommodation expenses at Fatih University are student-friendly. For international students, tuition fees are much lower than what are charged from the local students. This is only purposed to increase the number of students, providing them top notch educational and research facilities.

The number of international students at Fatih University is around forty thousand. The mode of instruction is English in almost all departments. The university encourages the students to learn additional foreign languages. A separate department of linguistics is also present in this university, where Turkish language is also taught.

History of Fatih University

Faith University was established in 1996 by the Turkish Association of Health and Medical Treatment. At the time of its inauguration, 9th president Suleyman Demirel was present in November 1996.

The rector of Fatih University is Prof. Dr. Şerif Ali Tekalan. The chairman of board of trustees is named as Mustafa Özcan. Recently, the university has developed connections with the Islamic Gülen movement of the Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen.

Academic Units of Fatih University

The Fatih University has following faculties:

  • Faculty of Education,
  • Faculty of Engineering,
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences,
  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences,
  • Faculty of Law,
  • Faculty of Theology,
  • Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture,
  • School of Medicine,
  • Conservatory.

Apart from these faculties, the university has five graduate institutes (Institute of Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Medical Sciences, and Institute of Economics And Statistics), and three vocational schools present in its three campuses. The School of Medicine, School of Nursing, Vocational School of Medical Studies, and School of Vocational Studies were present in Ankara by 2013. The School of Medicine and Vocational School of Medical Studies are in Istanbul since a year or two.

Research Centers of Fatih University

The research centers of Fatih University are:

  • Atatürk Research Center
  • Industrial Automation Technology Development and Liaison Investment Project
  • BioNanoTechnology Research and Development Center
  • Civilizations Research Center
  • Turkish Language Teaching Research and Application Center
  • Sema Medical Application and Research Hospital

For international students, it is a great university to submit an application in any of the graduate, undergraduate, or postgraduate programs.


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