Eyup Sultan Mosque was built on the roots of a settlement dating back to the Byzantine period. According to tradition, from where there are grave companions Job al-Ansari. But historians of the byzantine period, they said that a sacred place. Eyup Sultan’s tomb where he saw that the idea of ​​the conquest of pioneer Akşemsettin dream during the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul. The next day is done the necessary work and are found in a tomb in the region. Necessary because the tomb was built respecting sacred in ancient times. Accordingly, the period of the first Istanbul mosque was built at the location of the tomb.

Eyup Sultan Mosque in the region independently whose tomb is an important tourism center. This tourism in both categories evaluated in the history of faith tourism tourism category. Every year tourists from different parts of Turkey and the world are located in various rituals according to their beliefs here. The most important is prayer in the prayer made visits to the tomb and mosque built by the Islamic faith.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque is located in Eyup district on the European side of Istanbul. Architecture are covered in the first period of Ottoman architecture. Not very much influenced by the works such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque. This form is separated from the other Ottoman mosques. Mosque built in the first period, although it gained in the 1800s became known that this day is appropriately re-built. There is a fountain in the tomb inside the mosque complex. Water began to be considered sacred in time contained herein. Turbine has the single dome. Unlike the other works of the period are causing confusion in the octagonal building historian.

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