As is known the exact date of birth, born in 1189. It is commonly acknowledged, 1231 in Willow settled in 1281 on the death connected to Oguz Bozo arm Registration is Shah Suleyman the neck, his mother Hayme Ana, his wife, Halima Hatun dur.ertuğrul Gazi, Sungur, Thompson Dundar is three brothers, Osman, Saru Batur (Savcıbey) and Day is three sons the army to come to the aid of the Seljuks Ertuğrul Gazi at war with the great Mongol troops near Sivas and the glory due to the contribution Seljuk ruler to him by Alaeddin as the supply of Montenegro’s zone in Ankara side verildi.
Ertugrul Ghazi Tomb

Ertuğrul Veterans later settled in with his tribe Willow and Polity (1230) .Ertuğrul Ghazi, around present principalities and state status, always good geçinerek with political conditions well then, tribal, and subjects from a strong case death Ertuğrul Veterans in comfort and peace, the younger son, Osman Gazi tribe and tribe chiefs Osman Bey Taking the bosom of the sea, the land, continents and countries, the root of the plane which will be among the magnificent branches earth to spread başladı.öyl that, after all mankind Asr-i Saadet under the shadow of the plane, a more obvious way full six centuries lived Ertuğrul Ghazi did not imagine, establishment period has seen great benefits from Edebali the End Sheikh and his son Osman Ghazi vasiyetinde has openly expressed in this
Ertugrul Ghazi Tomb1
Ertugrul Ghazi Tomb2
Ertugrul Ghazi Tomb3


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