Eğridir Lake (Sina, Hoyran Lake); Anatolian province of Isparta in the lakes situated in the territory of one of our lake. Altitude 916 m, surface area is 468 km2, the water is sweet.

The lake is in two parts narrowed the middle, extending from north to south. Widest part, is in the southern part, 16 kilometredir.güney 2734 m altitude in the west and north-Barla 1889 m altitude in the foothills of the dope of the mountains, the lake extends into a nose. So they bring the narrowest passage of the lake occurred. The width of this passage is 2.5 kilometers.

The local name of the northern part of Hoyran, the curve is the southern part of the lake. Stream with Eleks located at the northernmost point of the North part, the length is 47.5 kilometers from the southernmost point of the upstream leg of the southern part.

Parts, namely Hoyran’l-curves of the confluence depth on the line 5.5 m, 9 m between Keltepe nose with Gençali. Yeşilada and Canada is ahead of the curve is an accident. Yeşilada two islands located in a neighborhood of the curve is connected to the mainland island.

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