So are you ready to travel to Turkey? If yes, then let me tell you this is going to be the wisest decision of your life. Turkey has no end of entertainment opportunities for its tourists and local people to enjoy with. People of all age-groups love to travel this glamorous country because if its spectacular natural beauty and delicious cuisines.

Doner Kebap--A Mouth-Watering Turkish Cuisine For Non-Vegetarians

Doner Kebap is one of those mouth-watering cuisines which a non-veg lover would never like to miss. This traditional Turkish dish is prepared with fresh veal or beef. Sometimes the makers use lamb or chicken to prepare these traditional kababs. But to enhance its taste, a combination of beef, chicken and lamb meat is really going to work best. Hmm yummy. Here is a quick preparation idea of Done Kebap.

How To Prepare?

1. Take slices of marinated lamb and grill them on a tall vertical spit.

2. The cut the cooked parts of the meat into very thin slices with a sharp knife.

Doner Kebap--A Mouth-Watering Turkish Cuisine For Non-Vegetarians

3. Make sure that the lamb slices are thoroughly minced with beef, chicken, onion pieces, spices, green chilies and milk in a proper proportion before they are being marinated.

4. As per your desire and requirements, you can still cook these thin parts of the meat until they get properly cooked.

5. Once the Doner Kebaps are ready, you can serve them with lavas bread. But if you want, then you can make burgers of these delicious kebabs or even can use them in your favorite pizza as an essential ingredient.

Doner Kebap--A Mouth-Watering Turkish Cuisine For Non-Vegetarians


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