The input side of the Sultan’s palace and accept calls, the wing on the other side of the ceremonial hall was used as a harem. The interior decoration, furniture, silk carpets and curtains, and all other goods in full, has survived as the original. Dolmabahçe Palace has a richness and splendor found in the present no palace. The walls and ceilings of the transfer of the European artisans are decorated with pictures and tons of weight in gold decorations. Everything in important rooms and halls have the same hue.

Dolmabahce Palace

All grounds are different from each other is covered with a very ornate wooden flooring. Famous Hereke silk and wool carpets, the most beautiful works of Turkish art, they are laid in many places. Europe and the Far East of the rare decorative handcrafted works decorate every part of the palace. Shimmering, sparkling crystal chandeliers, candlesticks and fireplaces in many rooms exhibit the beauty of the palace. The largest ballroom in the world palaces herein. 36 m. Weight of 4.5 tons of high dome stands a huge crystal chandelier hanging. Important political meeting, greeting and ball used in this hall, before following, the oven was heated with a similar layout. Saraya heating and electrical systems were added later. Section 6 in the bath, no partner is decorated with beautiful carved alabaster marble. Upper gallery of the great hall was reserved for the orchestra and diplomats.

Dolmabahce Palace 1

Dolmabahce Palace2

Dolmabahce Palace3


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