Great Mosque and Hospital of the historic district of Sivas Divriği mosques and hospitals. Mengücek Bey Mosque in the 1228-29 year by Ahmed Shah; The hospital at the same time, Ahmed Shah’s wife and Erzincan gentleman Fahreddin with Behramshah girl Ahlatlı by Turan Melek Muğis was built by an architect named his son Hürrem Shah. Darussifa relied on a mosque in the southern wall. The middle section is covered with a skylight dome consists of four iwan with input. Darüşşifa located northeast corner of the tomb. Great Mosque and Hospital was transferred to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.

Harum altar consists of five parts other. The central nave is wider than the others. Here the front of the altar covered with sliced located outside cupola dome resembling a pyramid has become a dominant cover and outside the mosque. Takes a skylight in the central nave. Turkish triangle-shaped dome skylight in the transition range is used. All of the aisles, though the mosque is covered with different stars vault from each other. Both Seljuk mosque courtyard in this plan type, plan type, it is possible to see both the Umayyad together.

Without a trace is similar to the plan and decorate. Decorations, including three non-unity of style is different from the portal. Decorations, including the two-headed eagle is extremely flood and baroque motifs. Ahmed Shah’s coat of arms with double-headed eagle coat of arms, which is located in the west portal Aladdin Keykubad nature motifs.


Divriği Mosque




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