Today we give you the obelisk monument name Istanbul, ancient Egyptian monuments. The various cities of the world has been removed from the ancient Egyptian obelisks were taken. Obelisk Pharaoh III in 1547 BC, first in Istanbul. Anna gave the Greeks the name Tutmosis erected in the city of Heliopolis name. Tutmosis written in hieroglyphic writing on the victory. Stone first Byzantine emperor attracted the attention of Constantine and wrote a letter to the Egyptians wanted to send it moved him: “Ships are the Black Sea, while you are generously met and helping to feed to have you contribute to flourish in this city would be appropriate to send carry this piece.”



Istanbul Obelisk unknown exactly when it was sent. Known, moved in bed long after arriving in the city. After the head of Emperor Thedosius remembered this obelisk. Many victorious emperor, perhaps, as did the kings of Egypt to explain the victory he wanted to erect an obelisk that. The distance to the racetrack from the galley port Transporting prepared and carried a special way today for three days, where it took on a pedestal erected summing up 32 days. Maybe this time was perhaps one of the hieroglyphs at the bottom of damage before being moved.





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