Çanakkale candy cheese production has a past approximately 100 years old. However, it is stated that the commercial production dating back 30 to 35 years.
Marmara Region being the starting point of candy cheese made similar production in the province and is the center of Çanakkale province. Write formerly only made cheese halva production is spread over a whole year now. The reason for this was initially known only by the locals and when consumed value, unique flavor, is the increased recognition over time as the original flavor and quality.

Çanakkale Cheese Desert Generation:
Nowadays cheese halva with all family businesses in the center of Canakkale 9
IT is produced. In production or manufacturing or sesame cake  manufacturing There are no additives and is a completely natural product. Baked and fırınlanmamıs (plain cheese halva), including being manufactured in two types. Firing up the wand is no difference between the two products. Particularly reminiscent of Balikesir Hoşmerim plain cheese halva dessert is produced in the region
Hoşmerim candy cheese, stirring from time to time and is believed to be the same sweet. However, they differ from each other as and how it differences. Composition and rates, without differences to operating businesses
show production and also by the different recipes can be made of a single company.
Food codex without cheese masters who perform the candy production, they want to keep their secrets hidden. The main component is unsalted cheese. Formerly only salt produced from fresh sheep’s cheese, nowadays it is preferred as a priority unsalted fresh sheep cheese are produced from fresh cow’s and goat’s cheese with salt. Eggs, sugar and flour are other components in form.

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