Bus Travel In Turkey--An Amazing Experience For Tourists

Hundreds and thousands of bus services are available in Turkey. This land remains crowded with tourists almost in all months of the year, especially the crowd reaches its peak in summer vacations. This is why both private and government companies are operating various bus links which help the tourists reach their favorite spots or other cities within Turkey. Due to its immense popularity, the bus service providers take good care of the entertainment, luxury and comfort of the travelers. Air-conditioning and WiFi are especially made available to the traveler so that they can feel relaxed during their journey.


The buses run in all the corners of the country. Whether you have to reach a picnic spot, a food court, a nearby museum or even have to travel to another city, buses are there to make your travel comfortable. The buses’ departure is usually made possible throughout the day at regular intervals of time to facilitate the people more and more. A tourist or local traveler can easily find a bus at the specific terminals and bus stations found in every city of Turkey. A big bus terminal, named as Harem Terminal is found on the Asian sides of the Bosphorus. One of the world’s biggest bus stations is present in Turkish city Ankara. It is named as Ankara Şehirlerarası Terminal İşletmesi (AŞTİ).

Bus Travel In Turkey--An Amazing Experience For Tourists

Some Popular Bus Service Providers In Turkey:

  • Kâmil Koç
  • Metro
  • Pamukkale
  • Ulusoy
  • Varan

In addition to the above mentioned popular bus service provider, local municipality and some low-costing private companies also facilitate the travelers with their services. These are ideal for the people who don’t have sufficient to invest in traveling so they pay to these companies very reasonable fair.




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