One of the important points to be considered while Biryan to cook the lamb kebab of wells deep wells in general is 2 meters in diameter is less than 1.5 meters should not. Using or firebrick inside the well or easy to get angry with the removed soil should be built with stones to protect the temperature. The narrow top and bottom of the well, while the middle section must be made large. Masters turning as they explain the purpose of making progress in the fire pit in this way. There is an iron ring in the mouth of the well and the wells tested this iron hook hanging on the lamb. The top cover has the well.
Kebab used for six months or more little lambs. This cleared the lamb meat is called process required for the installation of hooks attached to the wells. Well after the fire burned meat ready. Pine kindling of the well stacked vertically. There are two options for the use of pine kindling reason.
1. Quick and fast burning flame,
2 is added to the kebab flavor of beautiful pine aroma released from the kindling.
All parts are collected emitting light up the dark wood in the fire, and after ensuring that fire burning in the wells. Only the well so that it meets all of its temperature impurities.
kuyu_kebab placed a quantity of water to the well bottom. This process of burning meat tastier and is soft and melts down in oil to prevent contamination of meat is done with the aim of meat smell. Masters are called to make a meal of rice Bury using this water. After placing the meat into the well bore of the cover is tightly closed and surrounded by the plaster slurry.
According to the diagnosis in lambs should stand well with a 1.5 hour to 2 hours. Mud is removed from the well cap after this period expires. Cover bled several times by turning the shaft. Thoroughly ventilated lid by placing a stone between the well and the well flow of the melt is provided. Ten – fifteen minutes later, after removal of wells in lambs opened and you will be presented with The complete preparation service. Remain just as you enjoy this beautiful flavor.

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