The Bilgi University is one of the finest private sector universities of Turkey. The Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation was founded on 31 October 1994 in Istanbul. It is known for its quality educational facilities in the fields of linguistics, social sciences, sciences, and technology, as well as natural and physical sciences. The university conducts seminars, briefings, conferences, and similar gatherings for developing country’s cultural position at international level more and more. The Bilgi University provides financial aids to deserving and intelligent students.

Bilgi University

Bilgi University — An Ultimate Study Experience

The Bilgi University provides you wonderful study experience. It has collaborated with multiple institutions like Portsmouth University and the London School of Economics to offer courses in Business Administration, International Relations, Economics, and LSE Economics programs. This is a pioneer education center with liberal arts-oriented curriculum in Turkey.

The university is ranked high amongst the private sector universities across Europe. The faculty members and alumni of Bilgi University have been honored with multiple awards and recognitions such as World Bank and OECD Global Development Learning Network recognition, American Academy of Achievement Award, Cannes Lions Young Entrepreneurs Award, and Restfest Film and Digital Arts Festival Award.

Notable Alumni of Bilgi University

Bilgi University is proud of its notable alumni such as Serra Sabancı, Evrim Aras Sagiroglu, Temel Guzeloglu, Funda Acar, Ali Yüce, Mert Vardar, Yüce Zerey, Muhittin Bilginer, Ahmet Sarı, Tolga Tatari, Togan Gökbakar, Fırat Doğruluoğlu, Hande Soral, Kenan Doğulu, Sıla Gençoğlu, and Ferit Odman.

Student Clubs

Life at Bilgi University is high profile. The international students can be a part of any of the following clubs:

  1. Bioengineering Club
  2. Art Club
  3. Bilgi Community Club
  4. Business Economics Club
  5. Chess Club
  6. Cinema at Bilgi Club
  7. Colours of Bilgi Club
  8. Dance Club
  9. Ecological Life Club
  10. Forum of European Journalism Students Club
  11. History Research Club
  12. Japanese Club
  13. Literature Club
  14. Martial Arts Club
  15. Model United Nations Club

Faculties and Departments of Bilgi University

Bilgi University has six faculties, a vocational school, and 4 institutions, forming its graduate school:

  1. Faculty of Communication
  2. School of Advanced Vocational Studies
  3. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  4. Faculty of Law
  5. Faculty of Architecture
  6. Faculty of Engineering

Graduate Schools of Bilgi University

The graduate schools of Bilgi University include:

    • Institute of Social Sciences
    • Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences
    • MArch in Architectural Design
    • European Institute

Libraries and Museum at Bilgi University

Bilgi University is the home to three libraries: one in the Dolapdere campus, one in the Kuştepe campus, and one in the SantralIstanbul campus. This university is widely known for its extensive student support system and research-based teaching programs. Its virtual library has more than 25.000 electronic books, 23.000 electronic journals, 37 electronic databases and encyclopedias. The students can access any of its resources using internet, on-campus, as well as off-campus.

The Bilgi University has an arts museum, named Santralistanbul. This museum is where conferences, exhibitions, and seminars are held.

International Students at Bilgi University

The international students of Bilgi University are provided with numerous facilities. They can submit their application in more than one fields, and need not to learn Turkish language to obtain a degree because most of courses are offered in English language.


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