Ayvalik, Turkey is a district of Balıkesir province remaining in the Aegean Region was established opposite the island of Lesbos. Pine forests and the district is rich in olive Aegean Sea has called Ayvalik Islands archipelago. Ayvalik Gomec northeast, south of Izmir province depends on Standing and Pergamon districts, west of the Aegean Sea.
Satan’s Supper.
Ayvalik across the Hellenic Republic, Northern Aegean Islands Lesvos is connected to the province of geographical proximity and can be seen with the naked eye of both ponies provinces in the North Aegean Islands Lesvos administrative center of the region geographically.

Ayvalık Ayvalık Ayvalık Ayvalık Ayvalık

Ayvalik is an island community. Spoon, Poyraz, Cane, are some of them in Büyükkurua and Guvercinada.

Steep mountains that extend to the sea coast town of Ayvalik is indented. Headlands and bays along this coast has occurred.  which is 34 miles off the coast of the Aegean Sea to the district.
Mediterranean climate prevails in the district. due to take place in the Aegean region are mild and rainy winters, summers are hot and dry. Continuous light windy days are available. The average summer temperature is 24-34 ° C. The winters are mild. Especially in the summer when all the environmental scorching heat Ayvalik and generally westerly breeze cools the district began in the afternoon. Some summers the “breeze” winds of work. The breeze coming from the direction of Mount Ida would have to persist for weeks.

Ayvalık Alibey a street square

Alibeyler Ayvalik District (C) islands, bridges, and a general overview of some other island
The large sizes of Ayvalik district has up to 22 islands. These islands are the largest of Alibey or C of the island with the other name is linked from there to the town center to the island of tulips with a bridge in 1964.This is one of the bridge carries the same time, being the first such bridge in Turkey. Alibeyler all Ayvalik Islands outside of the island was declared a national park in 1995, and the settlement is prohibited. Another of the islands with historical and touristic importance of the island is also the madhouse. This candidate Turkey have been named as Stone monastery in ancient times.  This island especially given this name because they are a place sent on to miss too much to drink of the Greeks living in the Ottoman Empire in Ayvalik strong winds and collect them to their senses.
The first census conducted in 1891 in the region management Vital Guinet, the Greek population of the city of 21,486’s 21.666, stated that Turkey is 180. According to 1975 census, population of the district is 33,000 people. Municipal population census in 1980, 19 371, 21 381 1985, 25 687 1990, and in 1997 was identified as 29 342 people. The average annual population growth rate is around 2.5% according to these figures.


County population is 62.460 people according to the 2009 census. Approximately 36,000 live in the town center of this population. In summer the population with tourist arrivals increased considerably. Ayvalik 207 is Turkey’s most populous settlements.


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