This type of long-lasting wooden houses, Seljuk and (except for the last period) is no longer present examples of architecture from the Ottoman Empire. Natural disasters Philippines has also played a major role in the disappearance of these examples. For example, a fire occurred in was the most flourishing neighborhoods and  Amasya. Amasya houses that survived to the present day, the 19th century’s second .  have more side by side or back to back with each other, they  adjacent. The best example of Yalıboyu houses. But it can be seen in the city  order application. houses are usually arranged as  and men,  and upgrades are also encountered.

The houses were mostly two-storey over basement  to. The house is usually a courtyard and garden. Especially in the garden and house to stay in the middle house is located outside the regulated  view. In the garden is usually a  furnace and water. But he has lost most of the functionality of wells today. Skip to , again provided by the located in the cobblestone garden. The center is located inside the  sofas. they are of this sofa is around you. In some applications, the so-called rest and  between rooms, is seen without any architectural spaces between sofa. The floors usually  bay. In construction, and consists of a symmetry in the house plan whereby the both are more .

Especially in Yalıboyu, Roman walls in houses that have  home in southern facing direction Yeşilırmak,  telephone calls  cross-strut support the emergence of wooden houses) backed out has overflowed, so  interior was obtained. Thanks to larger spills and a at the second floor, the lower floors more than they have been made in the style of window  more sash windows, and arranged in a. Windows in the front, wooden fencing that prevents i the outside. There is no difference in use between rooms in design, therefore it rooms at the January, Sherbet (Flower), Cabinet, Shelf, cedar, are integral parts of  architecture. As in home, Amasya an independent bathroom in the house (Gusülh valve) can not be found on the side. People go in wooden cupboards usually held in the rooms of this requirement.

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