Mount Ida (in Kazdağı) southern slopes of the northern coast of the Gulf of Edremit, Edremit sınırlarıiçeri the ancient writer Strabo for Antandros is an ancient city, Antandros has a mountain called Alexandria by the upper part and goddesses, came to be elected by Paris saying, Hera, beauty contest between Athena and Aphrodite Antandros myths that had been made to the host. Located in Troas ancient sources give different information about the initial establishment phase of this important city. According to a Leleg settlement Alkaios; According to a Cilicia organizations Skepsisl Demetrios; According to Herodotus, the history of the settlement of a Pelasgians considered to be the father; Thukydides by an Aeolian settlement. Stephanos Byzantios the city of Antandros, they possess as well as the name and Kimmeridgian and Antandros Edonis argues that a hundred years until occupied by the Cimmerians. The information obtained from the city of Antandros Aeneas books that have reached today’s Virgilius ancient sources, it is seen that the reputation of the timber used in the construction of ships went to the old to the famous Trojan War. Mount Ida is important because the timber obtained from a shipyard in antiquity Antandros, attracted attention throughout history with this feature has whet the appetite of enemies.

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