In the 1990s the first windsurfing enthusiasts came to the harbor. Stone house enthusiasts in the 2000s. Small hotel first opened in 2001. Only in 3-4 years has become one of Alacati Turkey’s most popular holiday regions.

Preserved intact, almost 100 years old, the youngest of which was a stone house with a repaired; small hotels and restaurants opened. In Alacati, Turkey’s most beautiful small hotel stays, you can eat the finest meals in the restaurant. Alacati has been declared an urban conservation area. Have to remain intact buildings in the town and not in accordance with traditional architecture, multi-storey new building is no longer possible.

Alacati is now one of the world’s most important windsurfing center. Many are made in international competitions resort. Alacati the cleanest seas of the Mediterranean coast, has the most beautiful beaches. Town to broadcast loud music until dawn, is not allowed to open bars or discotheques. You see the plastic chairs coffee. The streets are still covered with cobblestones. Type in Alacati street you come across classical music concert.

Windsurfing Paradise
Center 4 km. away, next to the marina Alacati, transverse 500 m. and longitudinal 330 m. There is a shallow area. Therefore, even for non-swimmers, so large area, just the first step to learn windsurfing. Wind surf clubs where Tuber bay’s coast to coast length is 1900 meters. To the mountains of the east coast, which eliminates the fear of the open sea. The area is surrounded by three sides of the road and only the southern part is obvious. Therefore, it is quite safe. In this bay, as well as windsurfing, kite surfing is well maintained.

Alaçatı two or narrow streets lined with stone pavement shadows single-storey stone houses. Here are the most important economic values ​​of the tissue architecture of this historic borough.

Alacati downstairs walls of the house, the walls are thicker than the first floor. Instead of cement mortar used in the construction of the wall (in the soil, lime, straw, egg whites, etc.), home warm in winter and summer stays cool. Some houses of stone in all, some of the sub-floor stone, brick or wood used on the upper floor.

Alacati plaster preserved old houses are painted in lime whitewash. These oxides are white and yellow tones. Door and window frames are using a lot of home indigo. Pink, green, blue, colors, such as red is not in Alacati culture.

Interior garden (yard) The thickness of the wall in the garden of the house 2 to 4 meters high and 50 cm. The houses are built in a straight or arched windows, steep and long. Horizontal and large windows are not used. Earthquake-resistant doors and windows to be located at least 1 meter away from the corner of the building. In general, thick walls and prevents the spread of sunlight into the room through the window space. Therefore, the light expanded by the window overlooking the indoor spaces provided into more abundant.

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